Spencerville Adventist Academy welcomes volunteers to support the programs and students of the school. Volunteers strengthen ties between home and school, as well as with community members and business partners. We recognize, appreciate and greatly value the contributions of our volunteers. Please read below to learn more about volunteering at SAA.

Home & School

The SAA Home and School Association facilitates collaboration between parents, teachers, and the general church members, and to support social and fundraising endeavors through programs, committees, and projects.

How can I volunteer?

You can find opportunities to volunteer by reading our weekly newsletter, by talking with your child’s teacher, or by letting the front office know that you are available for volunteer opportunities.

Do I need to do anything before I can volunteer?

Yes, all volunteers need to complete a training and background check before he/she will be approved to volunteer. The training and background check are conducted by Sterling Volunteers in accordance with Chesapeake Conference’s Child Protection Policy. Step-by-step instructions can be accessed here. Once approved, the training and clearance will be good for 3 years and then must be renewed in order to continue volunteering. For questions on Sterling Volunteers, contact Heidi Wetmore ([email protected]). 

Additionally, volunteers who wish to drive SAA students (either in SAA’s school bus or in a personal vehicle) must complete the following requirements in addition to the Sterling Volunteers training and background check:

  • All Drivers: complete the Volunteer Driver Questionnaire annually (find the form here).
  • All Drivers: provide a copy of a valid Driver’s License to the SAA Office.
  • Drivers of Personal Vehicles: provide documentation of auto insurance that meets or exceeds bodily injury liability coverage of $250,000/$500,000 (Union Education Code Policy 9325).

All driver documents should be emailed to Gina Lombard at [email protected].

What is the Family Service Fee?

SAA’s annual tuition and fees includes a Family Service Fee of $300 per family ($150 for a single-parent household). Parents can receive a refund of this fee at the rate of $15 per hour for any volunteer hours completed by the parent/guardian. The refund is not to exceed the amount of the fee charged. The parent(s) is responsible for tracking his/her own hours and should use the Family Service Hours form to record and submit hours (find the form here). Please ensure the form is properly completed with all required signatures. Forms must be turned in to the office by June 30th of each school year; late forms will not be accepted. 

Note: High school students have a diploma requirement of 80 community service hours. These hours, and any other hours completed by a student, are not eligible to count toward Family Service Hours. Family Service Hours must be completed by the parent/guardian.

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