Music at Spencerville

Music plays a vital role in education at Spencerville Adventist Academy. All students, beginning with our Pre-K program, have the opportunity to explore music, expressing their love for music and learning how to work together as a group. Learn more below about the various music opportunities that are available at each grade level.

Elementary Classroom Music (Pre-K to 4th grade)

Establishing music education for young students is incredibly important as it establishes a foundation for future ensembles. Being exposed to different musical instruments and styles helps the student and parent decide which instrument or ensemble is a better fit for them in future years. From learning about different instruments to understanding music in different cultures, there is a world of music we explore within the classroom through games and fun activities. All our work is presented to parents and family twice a year in an elementary choir performance. By the end of the school year they will have gained a general understanding of how to read music.

Music Directors

Lisa Froelich

Band Director

Jane Lanning

Jane Lanning

Bell Choir Director

Emilie Flores

Choral Director

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